Show your hair that you care!

January 16, 2016 by Corina

Hardly anyone on the planet has the intentions of purposefully looking unkempt and ragged. Part of keeping a nice complexion and way about yourself, is keeping your hair current and fashionable.

hair salons bournemouth - beauty cutsHair salons offer much more than just hair care accessories. But rather, they can open your eyes to how beautiful your hair can look and that reflects on you as a person in general. It is important to also look hip and with the times, no need to be stuck in 1920 if you can help it!

As the world’s technology and people evolve, so do their styles and even hairstyles. With this in mind, anyone is able to just walk into a hair salon and get tips and learn the tricks of the trade in order to get more out of life and their physical characteristics.

Salons also offer manicures and other services so that you feel fresh and look your best! Since it is your own hair, you decide what is the best style for you, whether it be a bowl cut, Afro, or bun.

Dyeing your hair can be risky sometimes because your roots may need to breath and may damage your hair in many ways. One way to rejuvenate your hair is by rinsing your hair and then placing layers of olive oil within it.

This should make your scalp moist, lush and smooth all the way through. There are various stages that your hair can go through. First, there is the Anagen stage, this is when the hair is thick and grows very fast.

Next, there is the Catagen stage, your hair starts to deteriorate Once you get to the Telogen stage, growth totally stops. However, the last stage is the new Agagen, new hair grows in!

It is very important to keep these things in mind when you are thinking about doing a major procedure to your hair, but just know that it is not the end of the world! Most of the times, hair does grow back!