Colour Services


We not only feel passionate about hair styling, we also love hair colouring! We know the enormous difference a great cut and colour can make and we’re the premier stylists in town for both services. Our stylists are skilled in colouring and in helping you to find the right colour!

Here are a few things a great colour can do for you:

— Hide the gray! Gray hair is often the number one reason people begin colouring their hair – whether male or female!
— Change! Some people are simply ready for a change in their look. We can help you select the best shades and tones for your skin tone, style, and facial features whether you’re looking for a subtle or a big, bold change!
— Dimension! Colouring your hair can add shine and dimension to your hair by adding hues. This can add terrific dimension to your hair and make the most of your haircut!
— Emphasis! A great colour can emphasize your best features as well as a great cut. Colour can frame your face softly emphasizing your complexion and skin tone. It can take years off your age!


Highlights are all the benefits of colouring while not just committing to one colour or shade! We do half head to full head highlighting. We can help you find the best shades to add depth and movement to your style while complimenting your face. Highlights (or low lights) can take a monotone colour and transform it into a multi-hued range of colors adding tremendous depth and dimension. While not as perfect at covering gray hairs, it can cover most gray hairs.


Changing your overall colour can be intimidating or daunting, but we can talk you through it. We are colour experts and can advise you on various shades and tones from which you can choose! We can also match your current colour if you had your last colouring done somewhere else. Call us for a consultation!


Well, hair will inevitably grow and take its color with it! We recommend a touch-up between 4 to 6 weeks after your last colouring or highlights. We can keep your colour looking its best with regular maintenance. You can speak to any of our stylists about hair regrowth.


The latest crazy in hair colouring isn’t fading! Ombre refers to the gradual shading of colour from light to dark. For example, you might see a very light brown at the crown gradually darkening into a dark or warm brown shade closer to the ends. We can help you achieve just the right shading for your complexion. This technique looks especially great on long, layered locks, but it can also look great on shorter bobs! We are happy to discuss this technique with you if you’re interested!

Call us today at 01202 36 70 77 or fill in the form bellow for a colour consultation – whether you’d like a completely new look or a touch-up of your current colour!