Maintaining your hair nice and clean

January 23, 2016 by Corina

When it comes to your hair, there are various styles you can come up with to give you a glamorous look. Many tend to think that only women are keen on hair care but that’s not true at all. You realize that men are even more into good hair looks than our women.

Everyone has a different approach when it comes to hair care. Some will prefer a simple and easy to maintain style while others will go for the complex elegant looks.

nice long hair

However the various styles also come with merits and demerits too.Here are some styles you can approach to give you the elegant look.

1. Trimming to afro – This style is an easy one to maintain. All you have to do is attend to your barber to give you the look. This style was common back in the 19th century among the Africans and also African-Americans.

All you have to do every morning is comb it using your afro comb and give it a shiny look using the sheen spray.

2. Braiding – This is a good hair care approach for those who are lazy when it comes to combing every morning. However most people distance themselves from braiding because it takes time to do it and comes along with some pain on the first few days after braiding. On the other hand one can style her braids differently ti give a good impression e.g tying a ponytail. To make it last long one can use braid spray to give it a sparkling appearance.

3. Trimming and dying – This trend has been witnessed in this century from celebrities to other people. Who can forget Amber Rose’s blonde short hair. The good thing with this hair care approach is one is able to the hair a different colour that brings out your image too at a different perspective. Various hair dyes include blonde, black, red, black e.t.clt is also easy to handle.

4. Waxing to dreadlocks – This trend has mostly been witnessed in Jamaica but has become a global thing. I personally would go for it. Who wouldn’t want to get the Wale look or even Jaden Smith. The dreadlock however have to be attended to more often to make them look good. They can also be styled differently just to bring out the elegant look.

5. Bald shaving – You have witnessed this hair care approach on Pitbull. I personally think this approach is good for those with round heads. For women, it is complimented with loop earrings.It is also easy to handle.

6. Weaving – This approach has been witnessed in the African-American fraternity. It gives a long-hair look. It however needs a lot of attention to make it look good. If not well handled, it can be embarrassing. One is always advised not to keep it for long. There are also wigs that are worn as caps to give a glamorous look. When it comes to hair care, you should not run our of options. Your hair is the center of attraction and fully compliments your style.