Hairstyling Trends for 2015

October 17, 2015 by Corina

Trends change every year, especially when it comes to hairstyling. Are you planning to look at your best and pay more attention to your hair’s health and looks? Then finding out what the best hairstylists around the world recommend for this year should help.

Warm colors rule!

hairdressers Bournemouth 2015 style In terms of hair color, ombre has been pretty popular for blond hair until now, but specialists say it is time to switch to darker colors. This year trends focus on warm, powerful colors and water waves, on chic combinations and versatility.

Fantasy colors are also becoming more and more popular and, for this winter, platinum blond is what most stylists recommend. Even though highlights have been very popular until recently, this year promises to bring versatile, simple styles into the spotlight. You cannot go wrong choosing simple colors with subtle shades and volume-rich haircuts.

Layers and volume are the way to go!

Layers are the dominating trends this year. No matter if your hair is straight or wavy, short or long, specialists recommend simple, layered, volume-centered haircuts. Do not be afraid to go with heavy bottoms with one-length cuts or grown out sides with shaving back to the occipital or long sweeps on the sides and front.

2015 promises to bring about a wave of side sweeps and beautiful, imaginative braids, such as the vintage braids, double fishtail braids or the romantic French braids. Another popular sight will be the wet hair looks that have been growing in popularity and will visibly peak this year, thanks to their ultra-modern salon Bournemouth style

The low ponytail, as well as the messy ponytail, is also coming in strong this year, as a casual evening and even day hairstyle. Ponytails can be personalized with different textures, but the accent falls on natural. The same goes for the messy braid, another popular option these days.

As you may have noticed, both the ponytail and the braids require long hair. In fact, long, volume-rich hair is this year’s theme. As for medium hair, specialists recommend the classic straight bob or the fascinating curly bob.

To find out which of these trends fits you best, do not hesitate to visit one of the hair salons in your area. Beauty Cuts, for example, is one of the best hair salons in Bournemouth, the place where you will receive all the advice you need and the best hairstyling services on the market.