Beauty Cuts, the Salon Where the Best Hairdressers in Bournemouth Will Consent You and Make You Look at Your Best

January 18, 2015 by Corina

haidressers bournemouthHairdressers in Bournemouth take their job seriously: every hair cut, every hair-do is a chance for them to prove their professionalism and skill. To them, working with hair is not just a way to make money, but a real passion. So, if you want your hair to be the centre of attention, if you want to feel like a movie star on the hairstylist’s chair, visit one of the hairdressers in Bournemouth. You can find the best ones at Beauty Cuts Hair Salon, a place where you will feel welcome and comfortable, where you will surely return with pleasure.

7 Things You Should Know Before Making a Hairdressing Appointment

Being a hairdresser is a very fulfilling job. It is hard and demanding, as well, but seeing clients leaving the salon with a smile of satisfaction on their face is a great reward for every hairstylist. A good hairdresser has two major qualities: they are extremely talented, and they are always up to date with the latest styling trends and techniques.

However, hairstylists are not miracle workers. You cannot go to the hairdressers in Bournemouth and expect a total makeover, because you will be disappointed. They can make your hair look great, that much is true, but they cannot transform you completely. If you want to avoid feeling disappointed, here are a few things you should be aware of before going to the hair salon:

  • Hairdressers cannot style your hair according to the image you have in your mind – it is always better to take a picture of the desired hair-do with you, because, no matter how many details you provide, the hair stylist might not get the same image you have in your head. Hairdressers in Bournemouth also advise you to look for pictures of someone who has similar hair to yours, as it will be easier for them to recreate the style on you.
  • Do not ask for a “wash and wear” haircut, there is no such thing – unless you do not care what your hair looks like, do not get a “wash and wear”. If you want your haircut to look good all the time, you have to put in a little effort: maintaining it, arranging it, styling it. Ask for tips. Most hairdressers in Bournemouth will be happy to give some, but do not expect your hair to look like you just left the salon, if you only air dry it.
  • You need hair products – have you ever noticed how many different hair products your stylist uses on your hair? That is right, a lot. So do not expect your hair to look gorgeous if you do not use anything on it. If you are not sure what products suit your hair best, ask your hairdresser, they will recommend the best solution for your specific needs.
  • Give your hair time to get healthy – do not make extreme colour changes too frequently. For radical colour changes, your hair needs between 4 and 6 months to recover from the last colouring. If you change it more often, your hair might not be able to take the colour properly, and it will get damaged as well.
  • Clean hair will absorb colour better – if you have an appointment for hair colouring it is better if you wash and dry your hair before. The new colour will be absorbed easier and your hair will look amazing.
  • Celebrities style their hair – trust the hairdressers in Bournemouth when they tell you that celebrity hair is always, always styled. Every time they attend an event, they appear on TV, they walk the red carpet – be sure they visited their hair stylist first. So unless you are prepared to go to the salon every morning, it is impossible to have celebrity, gorgeous looking hair all the time.
  • The hairdressers in Bournemouth know best – if a certain hairstyle looks amazing on your friends, it does not mean it will look the same on you. If your hairstylist advises you against it, it is not because they are too lazy to do it, but because they know it will not mach your face shape, it will damage your hair or it will not look the same after the first wash. So listen to their advice, because they do know salons bournemouth

Beauty Cuts Hair Salon has professional stylists, with lots of experience, so you cannot go wrong trusting them. You can come with your own ideas, in fact you are encouraged to do so, but do not be afraid to let professionals unleash their imagination and give you the perfect haircut.

No matter the type of hair or the haircut you have, it is advisable that you visit a hair salon every 6 – 8 weeks. Hairdressers in Bournemouth, and especially those at Beauty Cuts, always receive clients with enthusiasm!